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Horstman Homes, Inc. provides quality service.  Customer Service and satisfaction is our number one goal.  References are available when requested from previous clients.

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Free Estimates

All estimates can be given on site, excluding custom homes, additions and pole barns.  Estimates for homes, additions and barns can be returned within 14 working days. Everything is priced out individually by suppliers and contractors.  The estimated quotes are good for 30 days.  Estimating in this manner gives the exact cost with rarely any additional cost to the homeowner unexpectedly.


Custom Homes


As a custom home builder, I will travel to Boone, Johnson, Hendricks, Hamilton, and Marion county. Contact us to build in many of the counties surrounding Indianapolis to build the home of your dreams. I adhere to all local building codes as well as making sure all sub-contractors are licensed and insured.  As a builder, I also guarantee all craftsmanship for 24 months.  (Excluding Acts of God)


Room Additions


I have experience in building room additions.  I build room addtions in Avon, Brownsburg,  Carmel, Plainfield, Zionsville, and the Indianapolis area.  Some additions I have built include basements built next to existing crawl spaces. 


Pole Barns


Any size pole barn with concrete floor.  Call for free estimate.

Concrete Swimming Pools


Call Horstman Homes, Inc for details and estimate.  A model can be seen at our home.


Decorative Concrete





All these projects are priced competitively.  I pour on a pea fill base to insure proper expansion due to freezing and thawing.  All concrete sealed with company recommended sealer.


Storm Shelter


Poured concrete walls and ceiling (approximately 6’ X 12’) incorporated into the foundation for safety during inclement weather when no basement is available. 


Poured Foundations     


Poured foundations are the backbone of your investment. Benefits of a poured foundation are the strength of the 4000 p.s.i.  concrete and continuous #4 rebar which makes a permanent structure and waterproof barrier against water infiltration. Water, can get in, but with a solid concrete wall, the possibility of water infiltration would only be under the footer.  That is why a proper subsurface draining system (always installed by Horstman Homes, Inc.) and proper sloping of the landscape is so important.   A block foundation consists of holes and voids in the wall and water has a tendency to seep into those holes, and where there is water and moisture, there is the possibility of mold.


A dry crawl space is what everyone wants and needs in their home and will protect your home forever.  Moisture creates problems.  Horstman Homes is dedicated in making your home problem free.


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